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Dato' Dr. Tan Tiong Hong



The Late Dato’ Dr Tan Tiong Hong was:

•Founder ISBAUK Educational Group
•Former Malaysian Deputy Minister of Education
•Former Malaysian Deputy Minister of Finance
•Former Minister in Prime Minister Department
•Former Member of Parliament Malaysia
•Former ABE, U.K Chairman
•Former ISBA,U.K Chairman
•Former Jilin Province China Economics and Technical Advisor
•Founder Chairman ISBAUK Educational Group

Dato’ Dr Tan Tiong Hong was a dynamic and a visionary person who is dedicated and committed to education for a long time. He feels that quality education must be made affordable to all irrespective of race, religion, creed and colour.

His long time ambition and dream was fulfilled when he established ISBAUK Educational Group  

Dato’ Dr. Tan Tiong Hong was a man with a passion for promoting education which he believes should be nurtured, encouraged and made accessible to all.  As such Dato’ Dr. Tan Tiong Hong has spend most of his life in pursuit of the development of education and has been the driving force of many educational organizations.

Dato’ Dr Tan Tiong Hong was born on 14 January 1942 in Taiping, Perak, MALAYSIA. He had his early education in the country. In 1966, he was admitted to study medicine in Sydney University. He was trained at the Royal Prince Alford Hospital, in Australia. After returning to Malaysia, he worked at the Kuala Lumpur General Hospital.

In 1969, he was invited to join MCA, a component party of the National Front, the ruling coalition. In the 1978 general election, he stood for election in the Kepong constituency under the National Front and won. In the 1982 general election, he stood for election in Raub as a candidate for the National Front. He won the election again.

He was a member of the Malaysian Parliament from 1978 to 1986. During his tenure in the Malaysian Parliament, he held the posts of Deputy Minister of Education and Deputy Minister of Finance in the Malaysian Cabinet, and Deputy Minister in the Malaysian Prime Minister Office. At that time, he was also the secretary general of MCA.