Mr. Tan Chin Seng was graduated from Charles Stuart University in 1995 in Bachelor in Information Systems (Technical Strand). He was awarded the Best Assignment Award from Charles Stuart University, 1995 and was appointed as Conference Assistant in Asia Pacific World Wide Web International Conference 1995 in Australia.

He was an administrator at SAL Group of Colleges Kuala Lumpur whilst doing his diploma and bachelor programme in 1991. After graduated from the university, he was appointed as CEO of SAL Group of Colleges Malaysia (Johor Bahru).

In September 2009, he was appointed as Deputy Group CEO for ISBAUK Educational Group. Presently, he is the Executive Director and Group CEO of ISBAUK Educational Group.

He has organized the PROSTAR (Program Remaja Sihat Tanpa Aids), National Event for Johor State Government in 2004. He was a trainer under HRDF programmes. He was the Internal Verifier (PPD) of Malaysia Skills Development for Computer Systems and Vocational Training Officer programmes from 2001 – 2011. He was a lecturer in ICT (Programming subjects) for programmes under Moderation of National University of Malaysia.

He was the Vice Organizing Chairman, Myskills Fair 2015, FeMAC 2014/2015. He was the Assistant Treasurer of FeMAC since 2015/2017. He was appointed as the Organizing Chairman of FeMAC Annual Dinner on 14 April 2016. He was appointed as the Organizing chairman of FeMAC Central Zone’s 2nd convocation ceremony 2016.

He is presently the Chairman of Brem Mall’s Tenant Association since 2015.

He has more than 31 years of educational experience in Educational Fields and is involved in many educational activities.