Before making any travel arrangements, make sure you have all the necessary documents (passport – at least 14 months validity, student pass approval letter & visa – if required).

Preparing to leave

Once you have made your travel arrangements, you will need to provide ISBAUK’s International Office with your arrival details (see below) by email or fax, at least one week before your arrival.

  • Name
  • Passport Number
  • Travelling From
  • Date
  • Flight Number
  • Arrival Time

All your luggage should be labeled with your full name and the full address of your destination. It is also advisable to put this information IN your luggage as well, in case the outer labels become torn and your luggage is misplaced.

What to bring

As Malaysia has a wide range of good available, you may purchase everything you need here. However, students are recommended to bring some personal items such as:

  • Clothes & footwear (casual & formal)
  • Bedsheet
  • Handphone
  • Charger & adapter plugs
  • Medication
  • Important documents that you should also bring along
  • Passport (at least 12 months validity)
  • Flight Ticket
  • College Acceptance Letter
  • Immigration Approval Letter
  • Original Academic Transcripts

You should ensure that your money is able to cover your living expenses for the first 2 months (accommodation, food, travel, books). It is also advisable for you to have a credit card.