In tandem with our founder chairman policy to give AFFORDABLE QUALITY education made available to all students.


  1. Provide quality educational opportunities and training to all regardless of their background.
  2. Promote and make Malaysia, as the best education hub in the Asian region.
  3. Inculcate a global outlook of International Dimension.
  4. Equip students with advanced “Thinking and Communication Skills”.
  5. Assist students for internship and graduate employability.
  6. Provide adequate and excellent facilities.
  7. Provide various types of skills and professional courses that are relevant and to produce graduates who will be well received by other universities for further studies and be hired by employer for gainful employment.
  8. Provide education loan through funding bodies and scholarship.
  9. Cater for welfare of the students and staffs.
  10. Monitor the quality of the programme and continuously updating and keeping track of the latest development in education.
  11. Produce graduates with a strong sense of personal accountability and responsibility.
  12. Encourage academic staff to actively engage in R & D.


We take a challenge to mould, nurture, and produce students to be effective and also to improve on their English Language Skills when they move on to further their studies locally and abroad.


We believe that education should be made affordable to all and at the same time to instill and nurture the concept and art of thinking skills into them. This is the main objective as well as the motto of this institution -

We therefore believe that the resources, team and the strength that we have would bring this college to a greater heights.